Tarek S. Younes is Programme Manager of medium to large projects in various Sector with a successful track record in managing projects for the private as well as the public sector. In 1998 he earned his master degree in computer science from University of Louisville – JB Speed School of Engineering, KY, USA.

As a Programme Manager in the United Nations Development Programme, Tarek S. Younes managed various critical projects and achieved the operational and fiscal objectives to overcame variances in cost and schedule within a very limited timeframe to create a position of long-term financial sustainability. This included the fiscal forecast of the liberalization of currency and subsequently the inflation and the corresponding contingency to the risks of currency devaluation and inflation that was anticipated in a timely manner.

As a Program Manager in Amiral Management Corporation, he managed and executed a USD 20m PPP (public private partnership) mega project to construct, automate and operate customs logistic centers nationwide. During the process he successfully managed large teams with cross-functional activities that covers all project areas including constructions and refurbishment of sites, human resources, marketing, procurement, business software, technology infrastructure, financials, in addition to other third-party consultancy services associated with training and capacity building. Targeting efficiency, he introduced performance review processes, data collection protocols, and defined compliance standards and procedures to protect confidential and proprietary project data.

As a regional head of IT in EFG-Hermes, he succeeded to deployed sophisticated financial solutions including but not limited to Online Trading, Securities Brokerage backend, Margin trading, Asset and Portfolio Management. Under his supervision, EFG-Hermes led the deployment of electronic trading solution in Egypt’s Stock Exchange as well as Dubai and Abu-Dhabi financial stock markets. Further, he successfully managed the preparations associated with the technology setup and infrastructure projects of the new company premises in Egypt and abroad.

20180621 #2 Omar Mohamed Hassan

Mr. Hassan joined EPASP in 2015. He acts as the Project’s technical advisor for his extensive experience managing protected areas and national parks in Egypt. Mr. Hassan was appointed the first Egyptian park ranger back in the 80s. He is one of the God fathers and creators of all national parks in Egypt. He was also one of the founders and senior managers of the South Sinai Protected Areas Sector. He now advises the project on protected areas management and infrastructure development.

20180621 #3 Ahmed Abdelmaksoud

Ahmed is experienced in managing financial and administrative affairs of development projects. He has 10 years of progressive experience working on UNDP, UNEP, and GEF projects. He has multiple certifications in financial inclusion, project management, and human resources from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, and St. Francis Xavier University in Canada and The American University in Cairo. He received his Master in Business Administration in 2017 from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences with a focus on financial management. He is currently leading our financial inclusion program for local communities in St. Katherine Protected Area. The program aims at integrating microfinance schemes in improving the biodiversity conservation while improving the livelihoods of local communities in protected areas.

20180621 #4 Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed is an Institutional Development/Capacity Building Consultant. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1999, Mohamed started his career in the IT training path. He received his credentials as a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert, which helped him pursue this career until he was promoted to a managerial level. Mohamed maintained a professional career path in Egypt with top-notch training institutes and NGOs. He shifted his operational field to the Gulf area where he managed big training entities in Saudi Arabia. Back to Egypt, Mohamed harnessed his experience to serve international organizations whereby he works as Project Technical officer in EPASP Project.

20180624 #5 Ayman Ghalab (1)

Ayman is the financial and administrative assistant at EPASP. He has 20 years of experience in governmental accounting, human resource management, and personal affairs. He’s been working at EPASP since 2012 and has been responsible for procurement and inventory management.

20180509 Ahmed Talat

Talaat is an experienced construction Engineer with +17 years of hands-on experience in the field of construction and project management. He received his MSc in Construction and Project Management from the University of Florida in 2014. He is PMP and PMI-RMP certified. He’s successfully supervised a wide range of projects from concept to completion with the UNDP, Ministry of Environment in Egypt, and Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development in Saudi Arabia. He currently oversees our development projects in South Sinai Protected Areas.

20180621 #7 Mona Farouk

Mona Farouk is an Architect with special interest in environmental and appropriate design and construction. She received her BSc from Cairo University in 2003 and has – since then – established a professional career in the fields of participatory urban development, environmental design, and architectural conservation, in addition to an academic teaching experience. Mona holds a Masters degree in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design from University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University. She has participated in several national and international workshops in the fields of earth construction and alternative building materials as both a participant and a trainer.

20180621 #8 Abdulrahman Taliawy

Taliawi is a Cairo-based practicing Architect and Researcher. He received his BSc from the school of Fine Arts in 2007 before embarking on a professional architectural career in Sinai, New York and Milan. He received his MSc in 2013 from Politecnico di Milano on the topic of Urban Voids as Infrastructural Architecture. He is also a co-founder of Boldan, an initiative for the exploration and documentation of earthen vernacular heritage. In 2009, he assisted in authoring the Appropriate Patterns for St Catherine building guideline.

20180621 #9 Ossama Bishara

Ossama is an Electrical Engineer with +30 years of experience managing electrical and safety projects. He owns and manages the Dokki Engineering Center since 1984 where he worked on projects for design, supervision, installation, training and maintenance, as well as developing work plans and coordinating with the relevant contractors for full project implementation.

20180509 Samah Abaza

Samah is a Media Specialist and a Documentary Filmmaker currently based in Cairo. Her career as a Media Professional started in 2009. The themes that unite her visual interests are movement, nature, and our common humanity. She holds two Masters of Art in Media & Communication Studies with an emphasis on Documentary Film and Video Production from Goldsmiths, University of London, and The New School in New York City. Her work has been shown in both the United States and England. In May 2017, her short film Climb the Wall won special recognition under the short docs program at Fine Cuts Film Festival – NYC.

20180621 #11 Mahy Magdy

Mahy is our travel and office administrator. She’s been working with EPASP since 2014, She graduated from Modern Science and Arts University in 2013, and finished her HR diploma at the American University in Cairo. She recently joined the presidential leadership program and is expected to graduate at the end of 2018.

20180621 #12 Fatma El Khodragy

Fatma acts as the focal point between EPASP and the Minster of Environment. She received her BSc in Geology from the Faculty of Science, Cairo University in 2014, and graduated from the presidential leadership program in 2016. She is a member of the youth organizers for the yearly world youth forums in Egypt.

20180509 Marianne Barsoum

Marianne received her B.Comm in Accounting from Ain Shams University, and her CPA from the American University in Cairo. Her professional experience includes positions such as Account Executive at Creative Technology, Office Manager at Siwa Water for industrialization and development and JMS co. importers of petroleum drilling equipment, and Purchasing Coordinator & Insurance Claims Processor at Maya Gas company in partnership with Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co.