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Medicinal Plants Conservation Project

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Medicinal Plants Conservation Project
St. Katherine is one of world's most amazing areas, not only for its scenery but also for its plant diversity that is attracting national and global interest.

At least 47% have medicinal, aromatic, cosmetic or culinary uses, while others are used as fodder or fuel. Recent plant inventories could only locate 316 out of a previously recorded 529 plant species in the protectorate, confirming that St. Katherine's medicinal plants face a growing danger of damage and in worst case extinction, which would in turn greatly impact global plant biodiversity. Over the past millennia, the Bedouin communities who live in the St. Katherine Protectorate (SKP) have developed extensive knowledge of medicinal plant species and their usage. The MPCP is developing the capacity of the Bedouin community to sustainably cultivate, harvest and process wild Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) as well as to inform people of the benefits of their production. Training on conservation practices, public awareness, and biodiversity education also form a part of the project, commensurate to the tourist nature of the region. Browse our comprehensive plant species database and herbarium and watch a short introductory clip of the unique St. Katherine area & the MPCP. The above image illustrates external and internal key factors and project initiatives which link together and contribute to forming a delicate natural cycle essential to balance the St. Katherine environment. Click on the respective parts to find out more. The project team wishes you an inspiring and educational stay on our website!

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